The Greatest Rivalry

Source and credit Cary Thompson – Author and Historian of Touch Almanac

Outside of Test Matches against New Zealand, the State of Origin clashes between New South Wales and Queensland is the toughest Touch Football played anywhere in the world. The concept came about with the introduction of the National Touch League and the demise of the State verses State National Championships.

Originally comprising of only Mens and Womens divisions the first Clash of the Touch Titans was in 1995 in Port Macquarie where Queensland defeated NSW 2-0. They repeated the dose the following year and it wasn’t until the third series in 1998 that New South Wales got their revenge.

In 1999 the State of Origin added to the concept with the Interstate Challenge where Mixed, Mens and Women 20’s, 30’s and 35’s as well as Mens 40’s and 45’s divisions were played. The Mens over 50 years division was added to the Interstate Challenge in 2002.

It wasn’t until 2008 that all the divisions combined to become a State of Origin Tournament worthy of any Touch event in the world. In 2014 the Mens Over 55 years division was added to the State of Origin Tournament.

Since 1995 New South Wales have won ten events while Queensland have won three. No team in any division has dominated except NSW Womens Open (24-10), NSW Mens 40 years who have a 21-9 record over Queensland and NSW Mens 35’s  who have 24-6 winning record. Queensland’s best results is in the Mixed Open with a 17-13 win record



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