2022 State of Origin Announcement

May 26, 2022 | Match Report, Media, NSW, QLD

JOINT STATEMENT – Queensland Touch Football & New South Wales Touch Association

State of Origin is the pinnacle event of domestic Touch Football in Australia. Origin is Touch Football’s greatest rivalry, showcasing the best players from across Queensland and New South Wales.
The 2022 State of Origin will be played at C.ex Coffs International Stadium on 19-20 August 2022, in partnership with Coffs Harbour City Council.

Queensland Touch Football (QTF) and New South Wales Touch Association (NSWTA) have assessed the criteria for inclusion of the Women’s 45s and Men’s 60s Divisions for the 2022 State of Origin series, following their inclusion as Invitational Divisions in last year’s State of Origin. Based on the agreed State of Origin criteria, both States acknowledge that the Women’s 45s and Men’s 60s Divisions meet these requirements.

Accordingly, we can announce the 2022 State of Origin Series will include full competitive Divisions in the Women’s 45 and Men’s 60s, including points accumulated for 2022 Overall State of Origin Champions.
Mark Hearnden, NSWTA Chairman said, “The inclusion of these age groups into 2022 State of Origin series as fully recognised divisions is very exciting and I can’t wait to watch them compete. Many of these participants have had the honour of representing their States over many years and there is no question that their passion to compete is inspirational to witness. The inclusion of these divisions will only add to a rivalry that has endured between the two States over many years.”

Further, the Boards of Queensland Touch Football and New South Wales Touch Association have agreed to the inclusion of a Women’s 50s Invitational Division for 2022 State of Origin Series.
Troy Morgan, QTF Chairman and 11-time State of Origin representative player said, “The 2022 State of Origin will be a momentous occasion with the inclusion of Women’s 45s and Men’s 60s, as well as the introduction of Women’s 50s Invitational Division. Touch Football prides itself on being inclusive, a sport for all, and a sport for life!

Our Master’s Division in Touch Football are strong with incredible depth and we are excited to showcase the talent of our Masters’ players, along with the stars of our Open’s Division. Queensland will come prepared to take victory in the new Divisions as a step closer to taking home the State of Origin trophy!”.

The 2022 State of Origin Series will feature 18 Divisions, including 1 Invitational Division:

Men’s Open
Women’s Open
Mixed Open
Men’s 20s
Women’s 20s
Women’s 27s
Men’s 30s
Mixed Seniors
Men’s 35s
Women’s 35s
Men’s 40s
Women’s 40s
Men’s 45s
Women’s 45s*
Women’s 50s Invitational ^
Men’s 50s
Men’s 55s
Men’s 60s*

* Full Divisions in the 2022 State of Origin
^ New Invitational Division in the 2022 State of Origin

2022 State of Origin: By the Numbers:

19-20 August 2022
18 Divisions (including 1 Invitational Division)
54 Games
504 Players
51 Referees
6 Fields

For further information please contact the QLD State of Origin Team qldsoo@qldtouch.com.au.

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